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Dev BPO is one of India’s leading 24/7 call center that offers outsourcing services round the clock. We are specialists in providing both Outbound and Inbound Solutions to Businesses of all types, be it small, medium or large. Our motto is to increase the satisfaction levels of our clients by delivering optimum quality of customer services time and again. We work in tandem with aspiring companies to provide operational productivity and to drive growth and boost profits. We specialize in a wide array of services such as Inbound Services, Outbound Services, Phone Answering Service and many others and have delivered them to our clients over the years. We have functioned as Inbound Call Centers and Outsource Call Centers since the surge of the BPO sector in India.
So what makes our services so Great ? Well, we have both the Technical and Non-Technical Experts who have the proficiency to provide customized services for your business and ensuring our services are worthy for every penny spent by you. Our professionals have substantial knowledge domain and experience in working with processes across diversified business verticals and we take great pride of this fact. They work hand in glove with our clients and this is the secret why they are able to deliver efficient and satisfactory services to our clients.

One more thing that makes our services great is our state-of-the-art infrastructure. We have the latest technology available and our contact center is equipped with cutting-edge digital equipment. This is the reason precisely we are able to offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions to our clients across the globe who are delighted and vouch for our services !

For Call Answering Services, all our agents have to undergo a rigorous training program to improve voice proficiency and thereafter go through training for product knowledge of the business. They are assessed thoroughly and then only they can cater to the Answering Services. Moreover, the agents are trained on a regular basis for their overall improvement which ultimately results in betterment of our services and client retention.
Why you should Choose our 24x7x365 Services ?
·         Round the clock customer service
·         Enhanced sell, cross-sell and up-sells
·         Reduction in call handling time
·         Uninterrupted Business Services
·         Effectual and Instantaneous cold call opening
·         Optimum use of both Human and Non-Human resources

By outsourcing your Phone Answering Service to Dev BPO, you can concentrate on the core spheres of your organization while leaving your outsourcing tasks to us. This way you will be able to save your time and money. Your customers are worthy of 24/7 customer support, so choose us as your outsourcing partner, and rest be assured you will never be dissatisfied with our services. We can give our word for this as our clients outsource their jobs to us again and again and have built a solid relationship with them. For us client satisfaction is no. 1 on our priority list and part of our Ethos !!!

Business Process Outsourcing Companies are Booming

While India’s information technology (IT) companies have been struggling to claw out of a crisis in their prime US and European markets, their less fancied cousins in the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry 24 7 call centers have been growing at a healthy clip.
Shrugging off concerns about being beaten by cheaper rivals from China and the Philippines, major pure-play BPO companies led by Genpact, EXL, WNS and EXL, listed in the US but with their operations in India, have swapped low-end voice work at call centres for services that involve industry expertise, which requires for higher skills and results in increased profit margins in the back-office service business.
“We see strong demand in finance and accounting, insurance and analytics,” said Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Noida-centred EXL Service. Social media, legal and healthcare services call centers service are among other areas that Indian firms are specialising in 
“New jobs are created mostly in highly specialised domains. About 5% of today’s BPO workforce is doctors while 15% are chartered accountants or certified public accountants,” said Keshav Murugesh, CEO of WNS who heads industry association Nasscom’s business process management council. He expects “mid-teen” growth for BPO firms.
BPO, now a shorthand for a broad category of IT-enabled services, grew 12% to $18 billion — accounting for 17%  of India’s $108 billion IT-BPO exports in 2012-13, while accounting for 920,000 jobs (or 30%) of its 3 million staff. While revenue per employee is lower, the growth is higher in inbound outbound call center.
Understandably, BPO company shares have done well in the past year. Stocks of NYSE-listed WNS doubled over the past year, while Genpact and Syntel rose 20-22% growth and EXL moved up 13%.

In April-June quarter WNS and Syntel reported an identical 13% year-on-year growth in revenue at $119 million ( Rs. 719 crore) and $ 202.5 million ( Rs.1,224 crore) while EXL posted a 7% topline growth at $ 116 million (R701 crore). Genpact is due to announce its results. The industry expects total revenues to nearly triple to $50 billion over the next seven years.

Most of UK IT Companies Will Not Downgrade IT Outsourcing in 2013

An aggregate 74% of IT spending organisations in the United Kingdom will outsource more in 2013 or keep outsourcing stable, according to specialist research firm Whitelane Research.
Whitelane's latest study on IT outsourcing and IT service provider performance in the UK, which included over 230 big IT spenders in the country, revealed that the majority of the 37% which are stepping up IT outsourcing this year to call centers in India made the decision mostly with a view to achieving cost reductions. While cost cutbacks were cited as the main reason by 70%, almost half of those organisations also indicated non-cost based factors, such as the focus on core activities, improvement of service quality and access to resources.
According to the UK study - which is based on the spenders' evaluation of more than 700 unique IT outsourcing contracts to inbound and outbound call center with an aggregate combined annual value of over £15 billion, and is part of Whitelane's annual IT outsourcing studies involving CIOs and CFOs in 13 European countries - 85% of the organisations were satisfied with their outsourcing contracts, with 12% reporting a high level of satisfaction.
Only 22% of the participants have not renewed one or more contracts with the same 24x7 call center last year, representing less than 7% of all contracts, Whitelane Research notes. According to the researcher, the high rate of renewals is down to the fact that almost half of the enterprises renegotiated their contracts, with the vast majority getting lower costs and improved terms.

Australian Companies Rush to Outsource Inbound Outbound Services

Global outsourcing company oDesk says Australian enterprises are increasingly outsourcing tasks online as the company passes $US1 billion worth of projects.
Matt Cooper, vice president of enterprise and international at oDesk, told StartupSmar tpassing the project work milestone is a sign that outsourcing work online to inbound and outbound call center has entered the mainstream.
“It’s a big thing for us to break that one billion barrier milestone, but the bigger story is that online work is officially out of beta,” Cooper says. “It’s very early still, but it’s a nice recognition that this is really starting to break into the mainstream.”
The figures released by oDesk show Australians have been outsourcing both technical and non-technical tasks over the last two years.
“This is driven by the huge demand for technical talent. I’m in San Francisco but everywhere you go you see articles about the Australian tech talent shortage,” Cooper says.

Game development outsourcing has grown by 437%, engineering and technical design by 276% and mobile app development by 258%.
Other fast growing areas that Australians are outsourcing include human resources/payroll and recruiting, which both grew by 227%, and legal which grew by 267%.
“The growth in Australians outsourcing legal to 24 x 7 Service Call Center was an interesting one for us,” Cooper says. “As more and more companies look to grow internationally, they need legal support and talent in a range of countries.”
Cooper says the growth across non-technical tasks in Australia is part of a worldwide trend.
“It’s indicative of a broader trend that online work is no longer tech. When you look at our business in 2008 and 2009, it was almost entirely technical work, but we’ve seen rapid expansion into legal, finance, writing and translations,” Cooper says.
He adds that in terms of dollars earned, technical work now makes up 60% of revenue, compared to 90% in 2008 and 2009.
“Our largest categories of call center services are technical, but the fastest growing categories are things like payroll, HR, blog and article writing, and translation services,” Cooper says.
With an increasingly global market of outsourcers and freelancers, oDesk is seeing more niche skills being sought and sold.
“The dynamic we see at play here is the same as what we saw in the early days of eBay. What drove their marketplace was being able to aggregate quite obscure interests into one accessible marketplace,” Cooper says, adding this is especially true in booming emerging industries such as big data.
“We’re seeing the same thing, with obscure, specialised skills that maybe one or two people have in each city, but you aggregate that globally you get a liquid marketplace.”
According to Cooper, one of the highest paid specialities on oDesk is start-up consultancy services.
“If you’re a start-up in the Middle East or Darwin, you may not have access to that kind of mentorship for business plans and investors,” Cooper says, adding a lot of the freelancing work is going to people based in Silicon Valley, London and Sydney.
While outsourcing to service call centers continues to increase, Cooper adds it’s important to remember it’s a new field that requires new skills.
“If you’re a mediocre manager when you’re sitting next to the worker, you’ll be a really bad one when they’re on the other side of the world,” Cooper says. “You need to communicate more and be more specific, and be more engaged as they work. It does pay off, but it is a new skill for a lot of people.”
Australia is a significant market for oDesk. Cooper says based on per capita spend, the Australian market is almost double that of the US.

India remains preferred destination for analytics outsourcing

India remains preferred destination for analytics outsourcing compared to other Asian countries like the Philippines and China, on account of its talented workforce, lower costs and operational efficiencies, a report says. 

According to a report by Jigsaw Academy and Analytics India Magazine, India's analytics talent pool is in high demand because of their process expertise and English language proficiency. 

Moreover, India is preferred as the most preferred destination for Analytics outsourcing, as unlike the BPOs, analytics (considered a part of KPO) requires skills that are not easily available in Asian countries. 
India remains preferred destination for analytics outsourcing compared to other Asian countries like the Philippines and China, on account of its talented workforce, lower costs and operational efficiencies, a report says.
"India will remain to be a preferred outsourcing destination for IT and ITeS services due to the highly talented workforce, lower costs and operational efficiencies among others," the report said. 

The report further said going forward, web analytics, social media analytics to witness a shortage of trained professionals and Indian analytics service providers will be challenged into providing services like model development, consulting and proprietary IP based services. 

A city-wise comparison in terms of salary shows that analytics professionals in Mumbai are paid the highest up to Rs 11.49 lakh, followed by Bangalore with an average salary of Rs 11.34 lakh and Gurgaon Rs 10.42 lakh, the report added. 

Around 60 per cent of the analytics professionals earn over Rs 6 lakh per annum and 20 per cent earn over 15 lakh per annum.